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Friday, 12 November 2010 01:35

Shaykh Ahmad Ali - Imam Abu Hanifa

Part 1 of 8

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Part 7

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Part 8

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About Imam Abu Hanifa

Imam Abu Hanifa was born in Kufa, Iraq in the year 80A.H. He was the son of a Persian merchant and his full name is Nu’man bin Thabit ibn Zauti (more famously known in Islamic History as ‘Imam Abu Hanifah’ and ‘Imam A’zam’).

His father – Thabit – was privileged to meet Hazrat Ali (R.A.) who had at the time, made Kufa his capital. Kufa, at the time of Imam Abu Hanifah was one the most important learning centres in the Islamic world and was blessed with the presence of over a thousand sahabah at one stage in its history.

Read more about Imam Abu Hanifa (RA).

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