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Tuesday, 05 October 2010 21:48

Belal Assaad was born in Williamstown, Melbourne, Australia. Belal started his Islamic studies at a very early age and acquired his Shariah knowledge in Lebanon; and continued tertiary education in Bio-Medical Science in
Australia. Belal Assaad has been offering his service to the community for many years and has been working with the Islamic Society of Victoria for over ten years. Belal's achievements to date are astonishing:-

* Delivering Friday Lectures at the Omar bin Al-Khattab Masjid. By the Grace of Allah, distributions of his lecture CDs have reached a global audience and are sold in the UK, USA and Indian subcontinent
* Translation of several texts from Arabic to English
* Many years of public relations work with State Government Departments, Local Councils and the Victoria Police Department for the benefits of the Muslim community
* A Commonwealth government certified Minister of Religion and Marriage Celebrant
* The development of several counseling programs for Muslim families and youth

Among his popular works include “Ahmed the Repenter”, “Those who desire
Paradise” and “The Compassion of Mohammed (Sallalahu A’laihi Wasallam) to the World”.

Belal Assaad has also written a children’s story book “The Story of Adam (A’laihi Salaam)” which was illustrated and published recently. In the month of Ramadan, many flock to pray taraweeh behind him as Allah Subhanahu Wa Taa’la has blessed him with a beautiful voice.


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