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Ya Natheran - Ahmed Al Ghannam يـا نـاظراً PDF Print E-mail
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Monday, 29 November 2010 14:04

Ya Natheran - Ahmed Al Ghannam يـا نـاظراً

Dim lights



O beholder of my plight.
I mourn my condition and place.

I bow my head as I try to disguise
the tears that flow down my cheeks.

Do you realise my emotions of grief
Are overflowing at your departure...?

Oh my companion...What do you say...?
Are you to leave and bid us farewell...?

When I close my eyes, O my friend...
I see you... My sleep is forbidden

Oh my companion, you are my true friend.
My dearest friend from all mankind.

Where the world to conceal you from my sight,
You would but remain in my mind.

For I love you O my brother
For the sake of Allah and i fear no rebuke.

We were once together... And today
the reigns of our bonds have been released.

Today...We part...But your voice
will always resound in the ears.

Your voice will always resound in the ears.

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