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Tuesday, 15 March 2011 01:46

Islamise is a fast growing Islamic site with more than seven hundred visitors a day, this figure is increasing every week.

To raise fund for the costs of running this site (file hosting, bandwith & hosting charges, developer etc) we are offering four banner advertising spots within prominent locations throughout the website. These five spots will be on one location on the page and will rotate randomly between the five ads, you can see this in action below by refreshing the page. By advertising with us you will be helping us provide more Islamic material available for the benefit of Muslims all over the world.

Advertising with us is more beneficial than other sites as users stay on each page for much longer when listening to Nasheeds, Quran recitations or Islamic lectures.

Whether you have an existing site, or a completely new business, it will be advantageous to advertise with us at a fraction of the cost of other forms of advertising. Remember .....your advertisement link is working, 24 hours of every day, throughout the year. Advertising with use will also help with your search engine rankings as every link improves your websites rankings, especially in Google. We aim to provide five hundred links to your site with this banner advertising plan.

Below are our package prices:

Islamic Banner Advertising Rates

We will not advertise anything un-islamic and banners cannot have any images of people or animals. We can provide monthly feedback on click through rates and impressions. Payment must be made in advance via PayPal or bank transfer.

Please contact us today for more information and advertising rates for the month of Ramadhan.

This is what the advertising banner will look like, we can make one for you for free if you don't have a designer:


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