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Sheikh Sulaiman Moola - Building of A Masjid PDF Print E-mail
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Tuesday, 28 December 2010 15:54

Sheikh Sulaiman Moola - Building of A Masjid

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About Sheikh Suleman Moola.

What is a Masjid?

The Arabic word Masjid literally means a place of prostration. The word "Mosque" in English refers to all types of buildings dedicated for Islamic worship, although there is a distinction in Arabic between the smaller masjid dedicated for the daily five prayers and the larger Jamia (Jami) Masjid (مسجد جامع) where the daily five prayers and the Friday congregation sermons are held with a high volume of attendance.

The Prophet (Peace be upon him) says, "He who builds a Masjid for Allah, Allah will build for him a house in Paradise". (Bukhari)

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