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Zain Bhikha - Shaitaan Nasheed Lyrics PDF Print E-mail
Nasheeds - Nasheed Lyrics
Wednesday, 10 November 2010 01:58

Shaitaan Nasheed Lyrics

Oh Shaitaan, I'm gonna throw you down, throw you down right into the ground
Oh Shaitaan, I'm gonna throw you down, throw you down right into the ground

For so many years you've been pestering me
Whispering and snickering in my ear



On this blessed day you pale and weak
Hiding in the corner filled with grief
Cos People come a marching praising Allah
Casting you right out of their hearts

You pledged to Allah, your only desire
To take us all with you straight to the fire
But Allah has supreme power,
he will devour
Your plans for believers till cometh the Hour

You've been causin trouble since time began
A snake in the garden you tricked the first man

With every pebble I toss in the hole
I'm building my armor around my soul



I'm telling myself now it's about time
There aint no way you gonna mess with my mind
Oh Shaitaan, don't you slow me down
I'm making my way to the right part a town


Last Updated on Thursday, 28 July 2011 19:19
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