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Biography - Shaikh Kalbani PDF Print E-mail
Quran Recitations - Shaikh Aadil Kalbani - Quran Reciter
Sunday, 24 October 2010 22:36

Shaikh Adil Ibn Saalim Ibn Saeed Al Kalbani was born in Riyadh in 1378 AH on the 25th of Ramadan on a Friday. He is married and has 5 sons and two daughters.

The Shaikh’s teachers:

His first teacher was Shaykh Hasan Ibn Gaanim Al Gaanim and this was whilst the Shaykh was the one responsible for the department of Knowledge Propogation, Fataawa, Proselytising and Guidance. He studied parts of Sahih Bukhari, Sahih at Tirmidhi and Tafsir ibn Kathir with this Shaykh.

He also studied with Shaykh Dr Mustafa Muslim. The teacher at Imam University, in the college of principles of the religion, in the Tafsir Baydawee. *Haashee Zaadah*. He studied with him the Faraidh (compulsory things) and then departed to Sharakah.

He studied with Shaykh Abul Rahman Ibn Jjibrin. *Akhir Tadmariyah*, he studied the two middle things small and big with the Shaykh, as well as the book of monotheism form Sahih Bukhari as well as a large portion of the book of belief from Sahih Muslim.

He studied Quran with Shaykh Ahmad Mustafa, and he got an Ijazah of Hafs form Aasim from shaatabis line. Shaykh Muhammed Ibn Nahban Egyptian also gave him an Ijazah to recite Aasim from the Shaatabi line. Shaykh Muhammed Abu Rawash also gave him an Ijazah of Hafs from the line of fil. And this is a *good chain with the lack of Munfasil*

Also he got an ijazah from Shaykh Muhammed Abdul Hameed to recite Kaaloon from Nafi from the line of Shaatabi.and he studied “Al Baqarah” from Shaykha Umm Saad with the recitation of Abi Umar al Basree by the transmission of Dawree and Sawsee.

Shaykh Ismail Ansaari also gave him an ijaazaah in a very famous Hadith with a *strong/high* chain of narration, and it is the Hadith that the ones who are merciful, the merciful (Allah) will be merciful on them, and have mercy to the people of the Earth, and the one who is in the heavens will have mercy on you. This was the first Hadith he heard from him. May Allah’s mercy be upon him.

We hope Allah will place this on the scale of our deeds, and enter us into the hadith “the best of you is the one who learns Quran and then teaches it” and in some narrations, “the highest of rank among you is the one who learns Quran and teaches it.”


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